My name's Josh, and I'm a Web Designer and Developer based in Leeds, UK.

I've already worked with some great people & companies, including;
Lucky Duck, Leeds United, The NHS,
Public Health England, Teesside University,
The Leeds United Supporters' Trust
and many more.
About Me

Like most people, I was educated.
Here's Where;
Rossett High School (2008 - 2013),
Rossett Sixth Form (2013 - 2015),
BSc Hons Computing, Teesside University (2015 - 2019) - Graduted with a First Class Degree. Education

I've already won myself a few awards, including;
The Teesside University ExpoTees Web Development for Business Award (2019),
The Teesside University Outstanding Entrepreneurial Skills Award (2015),
The Tidiest Bedroom Award (2003).

I can do a few things you could describe as skills;
I can Code in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Gatsby, GraphQL, CSS-in-JS, Liquid Tags, JQuery, PHP, SQL, Node.js, Java, XML and Git.
I can use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effects, InVision Studio, Apple Final Cut Pro X, Apple Logic Studio X, Xcode and Android Studio.
I'm also unbeaten in Rocket League 1v1's against friends.